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Supply List

Dear Parents,
Our classroom has a wishlist of supplies that we will need throughout the year in our class. In the past we shared all of our supplies. This year we are not able to do that and I will be giving each student a pencil box with pencils, scissors, and crayons. Some other items will be needed for throughout the year if you would like to donate to the classroom and I will distribute to the students. 
Thank you,
Rachelle Garton
Please label the following with your child's name and bring the first day of school:
Water bottle
#2 Pencils
Classroom Wishlist 
The following is a wishlist of other items that will be needed in our classroom throughout the year. We appreciate all donations! 
Pencil boxes for math manipulatives 
Kleenex tissues
Large pink erasers
Colored pencils
Clorox wipes
Glue sticks 
Snacks for recess (must be individually wrapped) 
Prizes for treasure box