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Sara Fernandez, Principal / Director, is responsible for the day-to-day school operations and school board communication. Ms. Fernandez meets with her leadership team once per week. If you have a concern you would like addressed, please call and schedule a meeting!
Leadership Philosophy
Teamwork is the hallmark of Redding STEM Academy's success! From our humble beginning organizational staff meeting, to our current weekly Leadership Meetings and Friday all staff Team Planning we've come a long way!! No one is an island at RSTEM.
We believe that no one person has all the answers, and therefore we developed our team leadership approach. We meet to discuss issues related to student learning, and the school's vision, mission, and culture. Through collaboration, we help students, parents and teachers make the best choices. Critical to RSTEM's success is shared leadership.
We Value Your Feedback
Parent and community input are greatly valued. School board meetings are open to the public and staff is friendly and available to discuss parent concerns. We also conduct yearly staff and parent surveys. Parents are also welcome to share concerns with the Leadership Team.