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2/3 Combo

WEEK 1 -  (April 22-24) - Introduction to Simple Machines (date)
Watch this video from Mrs. Erickson first!
Introduction Day 1 - What IS a Simple Machine?
  1. Watch the loom Introduction to the Simple Machines Unit -
  2. Make Diagrams. If you watched the video, you have a piece of paper with six squares on it. Each square will be used for one of the six simple machines. In each square, draw a diagram and label one of the simple machines. This paper will act as your notes for the unit and you can fill it in as you watch two of the next the next three videos (your choice). Feel free to pause whenever you need to!
 3.  Scavenger Hunt. Using your notes as a guide, go on a scavenger hunt around your house and find as many simple machines as you can. 
  4. Need a hint? Check out what this guy found in his kitchen!
WEEK 2 (April 27 - May1)
Day 1 - Levers - Catapults
  1. Watch these informative videos about levers. 
        SciShow Kids Levers -
        Simple Machines: The Lever -
  2. Watch Mrs. Erickson give you tips on building a catapult from home!
  3. Build a miniature catapult. 
              Here are three different websites showing three different ways you can build a miniature catapult. Choose which model you would like to follow depending on the supplies you have. Or, create your own by using whatever you have around you. Just make a lever that throws small objects!
Day 2 - Catapult Testing Day
  1. Watch the loom showing you how to fill out the data sheet.
  2. Either create your own data sheet or print the one provided.
  3. Test your catapult. 
  4. Make an adjustment to your catapult (change it in one way). 
  5. Retest your catapult.
  6. Share your results on flipgrid or wherever your teacher would like you to upload it. 
please contact me via email. Most of the activities are fairly simple to explain with an email or quick phone call.
    (Don't forget to leave your phone number in the email. LOL.)
   Most of all, please have FUN doing these with your kids! 
Day 1 - Wheel and Axle
1. Watch these informational videos:
SciShowKids - Let's Get Rolling:
Fun Science Demos - Wheel and Axle:
2. Loom - Practice making a wheel and axle with Mrs. Erickson
Day 2-4 - Car Challenge
1. Design Squad Issues the Challenge:
3. Build a car from whatever you have around you. Power it with a balloon, rubber band or just a hill. Recycled materials work just as well as fancy craft supplies. Just try your best to make the wheels the same size so the car will roll close to straight. Below are some examples of projects you can complete. 
This would be cool but would require a parent's help.
4. Upload a video or picture of your car to your teacher. 
Wedge and Inclined Plane
1. Watch these videos:
  1. Fun Science Demos: Simple Machines Inclined Plane:
  2. SciShow Ramps:
  3. Fun Science Demos: Simple Machine Wedge:
2. Watch loom describing your assignment - 
3. Build a marble run - you can use anything you would like from LEGOs to paper plates and toilet paper rolls to popsicle stick or even go outside and build one down your driveway using a sports ball. The big idea is that you are using at least 5 inclined planes to change the direction of the marble/ball at least 5 times. Have FUN!
Here are some links to other ideas:
4. Upload a video of your marble run working to your teacher.
Screw and Pulley
1. Watch informational videos: 
  1. What is a Screw:
  2. Fun Science Demos: Pulleys -
  3. SciShow Kids: Pulley -
3. Build a snack delivery system using pulleys.
4. Upload a video of your working snack delivery system to your teacher.