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2nd Grade

Week 1- (April 13 - 17)
Day 1:
1. Go to YouTube and watch:
           Physical Properties of Materials-Kids Academy For Kids-
2. Watch the video "Wilson's Hat" created by Mrs. Erickson
3. Complete the activity described by Mrs. Erickson in the video
4. Email a picture of your hat to your teacher. 
Day 2 - 
1. Watch the Video "Making Mittens" created by Mrs. Erickson.
2. Complete the activity described by Mrs. Erickson in the video.
3. Email a picture of your chart to your teacher. 
Week 2- (April 20-24) - Continuing our discussion of the properties (characteristics) of materials and what makes them useful.
*This week we will be trying two Mystery Science lessons, when you follow the link, be sure to click on "I'm a Student" when prompted!
Day 1:
 1. Watch - Material World - Crash Course for Kids
 2. Follow the link to Mystery Science - Why are So Many Toys Made Out of Plastic?
 3. Complete the activity in the video - Candy Melt. Conduct an investigation to determine which types of candy melt in hot water. Placing your favorite candies in plastic baggies and then putting them in hot water for a short amount of time, take them out and wait for them to cool a little bit. Squeeze the bag and using your observations, decide which candy is the best choice to bring to a hot summer camp. (Or to the lake! :-) ).
 4. Write your results down and turn them in to your teacher.
Day 2:
 1. Watch - Material Magic Crash Course:
 2. Follow the link to Mystery Science - Could you Build a House Out of Paper?
 3. Complete the activity - Paper Towers. In this activity you will design your own structures using an unconventional building material: paper! In the video you build towers using 3" x 5" index cards and paper clips. If you do not have these supplies, feel free to use whatever you have - plain paper and some tape, plain paper and glue...just use paper!
         First, build a tall tower, as tall as you can make it!
         Then build a tower strong enough to support a hardcover book.
 4. Take a picture or video of your project and send it to your teacher.
...please contact me via email. Most of the activities are fairly simple to explain with an email or quick phone call.
    (Don't forget to leave your phone number in the email. LOL.)
   Most of all, please have FUN doing these with your kids! 
Day 1 - Homemade Cooler
  1. Watch this introductory video by Mrs. Erickson:
  2. Using the recycled materials and other things in your house, create an insulated container that, when placed in the sun, will keep ice frozen for at least a couple of hours. Yes, you must actually make this. (You may NOT just grab an already made cooler and claim you made it or take an insulated cup and place it in a box or anything else like that. You need to actually make this.). You will place a couple ice cubes in your container and place it in the sun to see how long you can keep your ice frozen. Check it about every 30min. 
  3. Make adjustments to your design to make the ice last longer. 
Day 2 - Mystery Science -
  1. Follow the link to Mystery Science - What Materials Might be Invented in the Future? 
      **Be sure to click "I am a Student" to be allowed in.
  2. In this Mystery, students learn how new materials are invented. In the activity, Bouncy Glass Inventions, students come up with ideas for inventions that use an exciting futuristic material: glass that bounces and stretches like rubber!
  3. Turn in your ideas to your teacher. 
Day 1 - Small Pieces
1. Watch loom to get the big idea -
2. Find small pieces or blocks (LEGO's, blocks, or something similar) and build three different objects from the same set of pieces.
3. Take pictures and send them to your teacher.
Day 2 - Junk
1. Loom - a man who did so much more - The yard you are about to see is that of an Italian man who lived in a very poor part of California, called Watts. This man, named Simon Rodia, was very creative and made something that was spectacular.  He used all sorts of pieces and items of trash that he found around him, that other people called "junk", and combined them into towers and a set-up of fountains and buildings. He made his community better and more beautiful by taking other people's trash and building it into something else. 
2. Watch the videos of Watt's Towers.
3. Make something artistic out of the pieces of trash from your recycle bin.
4. Upload a picture to your teacher. 
It is my understanding that many of you are behind on your science. So, if you are behind, use the next two weeks to catch up and complete all of the science lessons that you are missing.
For those who have kept up, we are going to spend the next two weeks doing some STEM challenges. Each week, pick one challenge (or as many as you would like), complete it and upload videos to your teacher. 
STEM Challenge Week:
Idea #1. LEGO Challenge:
Idea #2. Build a self-propelled car.
I made these two instructional videos for third grade simple machines unit. The first shows you how to make a wheel and axle that actually turns and gives ideas on supplies you can use from your recycle bin. The second is how to make a balloon powered car. 
Idea #3. Build a self-propelled boat that actually floats.
Idea #4. Make s'mores in your own solar oven. 
Idea #5. Make a marble run - go life-size if you can!
These aren't life size but just ideas of different ways to make them. 
Idea #6. Pool Noodle and Toothpick Structure
Cut a pool noodle into pieces of varying size. Build a structure - either as tall as you can and/or as stable as you can. Test your structure in water to make sure it floats.