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Supply List

Please bring the following items LABELED to school:

- Face mask (plus a spare in your backpack)

- Backpack

- Water bottle (students will not be allowed to drink out of the water fountain)

- A healthy snack (there will be no shared snacks this year)

- Lunch


Please don’t send any individual supplies for your child. I will provide students with all of the materials they need. I would be so grateful if would support our class with general items from our wish list. Thank you!


-Prizes for the treasure box

-Boxes of Kleenex

-Clorox wipes

-Pre- packaged snacks

-Zip- lock bags (sandwich, quart, and gallon)

-Whiteboard markers

-Ticonderoga pencils

-Large erasers

-Glue sticks

-Crayola colored pencils

-Crayola washable markers